Oklo is developing next-generation fission reactors to produce abundant, affordable, clean energy at a global scale – starting with the Aurora, which can produce 15 MW of electrical power, scalable to 50 MWe, and operate for 10 years or longer before refueling. Oklo's fast reactors incorporate inherent safety features and can be fueled by recycled waste.


Oklo has three project sites. Site used permit for its first site has been obtained from the U.S. Department of Energy in 2019, was awarded fuel for its first reactor from Idaho National Laboratory, and has the most regulatory traction of any advanced fission power system to date, targeting first deployment in 2026/27.

Traction Team Image

Oklo made history with the first advanced reactor site use permit, winning access to recycled fuel, and submitting the first ever advanced reactor combined license application.


Oklo's world-class team comes from Fortune 500 and global companies, bringing together expertise and experience from a number of industries, from nuclear power, to aerospace, to automotive, to tech to deliver an advanced energy product.